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Hayes & Finch Silversmith's Workshop is renowned for the production of finely designed, high quality church plate and additionally for the restoration and renovation of church artefacts. Our designers will work with you to create your pieces, from Candlesticks to Crucifix, Tabernacles to Vases and Money Boxes to Votive Stands, meeting your specific requirements every step of the way. 
cast brass textured arm design bracket
Cast Brass Bracket
£ 507.00
cross polished brass bracket - prongs and hook
Cross Brass Bracket
£ 476.00 +
large scroll arm polished brass bracket lamp
Large Scroll Arm Brass Bracket
£ 317.00
satin brass bracket with prongs
Satin Brass Bracket
£ 311.00
scroll arm brass bracket with prongs
Scroll Arm Brass Bracket
£ 253.00
scroll arm brass sconce with candle socket
Scroll Arm Sconce
£ 695.00
scroll arm wrought iron consecration sconce with candle socket
Scroll Consecration Sconce
£ 79.00
simple consecration sconce with candle socket - wrought iron and polished brass
Simple Consecration Sconce
£ 53.00 +