Incense & Charcoal

Collection: Incense & Charcoal

Dive into the enchanting world of Hayes & Finch's extensive incense collection, featuring a spectrum of aromas that include the prestigious creations from the oldest major incense blenders at Prinknash Abbey.

As one of the foremost incense blenders in Europe, the Benedictine monks of Prinknash have been mastering the art of incense since 1906, using secret recipes and the purest natural oils to craft scents that transform any space.

Our offerings highlight these sacred blends, developed by the monks of Prinknash Abbey, who have continued their legacy of blending incense with unmatched devotion. Each fragrance is meticulously composed to evoke unique atmospheres, ideal for enhancing both personal and spiritual environments.

To complement our fine incenses, we also provide top-quality, quick-lighting incense charcoal. These charcoal tablets are engineered for maximum efficiency, glowing red to produce high heat and a consistent burn, providing an uninterrupted, full-bodied aromatic experience.

Experience the transformative essence of our premium incense and charcoal products, where tradition meets tranquillity, including scents inspired by the serene retreat of Caldey Island. Embrace the aromatic legacy of Hayes & Finch and the timeless artistry of Prinknash Abbey's incense craft.