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Illuminate Devotion with Hayes & Finch Votive Lights

Embark on a spiritual journey illuminated by the soft, radiant glow of Hayes & Finch votive lights. We understand the depth and sanctity of devotional practises, and our votive lights are meticulously crafted to reflect that profound reverence.

A Spectrum of Divine Hues Our votive lights come in an array of colours, each chosen with care to symbolise the various moods and sentiments of prayers. Whether you're in search of a calming blue to reflect tranquillity, a passionate red for fervent prayers, or the pure serenity of white, Hayes & Finch has the perfect hue to complete your moments of devotion.

Flexibility in Burn Times Every prayer is unique, and so is its duration. Whether you're lighting a votive for a brief reflective moment or for extended meditation, Hayes & Finch has got you covered. Choose from our popular 2-hour lights for short devotions or opt for the enduring glow of our premium 24-hour lights for prolonged periods of worship.

Crafted for Quality and Safety Our votive lights aren't only designed to provide a serene ambience but also to ensure safety. Each light is crafted to burn cleanly and consistently, providing peace of mind alongside spiritual calm.

Illuminate Your Sacred Moments With Hayes & Finch votive lights, your prayers get the backdrop they deserve. Their gentle glow mirrors the warmth and depth of your sentiments, creating an environment conducive to connection and reflection.

Let every prayer be a luminous journey. Browse through our collection and find the votive light that aligns perfectly with your spiritual needs.