How do I open an account with Hayes & Finch?

Simply contact our sales team on 0845 450 5593 - they will take your details and set up an account based on the information you provide. You will possibly be asked to pay for your first order pro-forma which will allow your account to be activated. Once activated, you can order on line or by email, phone or fax and your request will be put on account which will become payable within 30 days.

Can I visit the factory?

We welcome vistors to our factory - our showroom features a wide display of of the products we manufacture on site. If the purpose of your visit is to discuss a particular project you are considering, it is advisable to let us know in advance so can ensure the relevant people will be available to speak to when you arrive, we can also make sure we have the tea and biscuits ready!

I am responsible for 5 Churches, do you offer a repeat order sytem whereby I do not have to worry about constantly considering the replenishment of consumable items?

We can offer a standing order facility to any customer regardless of the number of Churches you manage - our sales managers will visit your church review your annual useage of consumable goods and seasonal demands and propose a standing order option to be delivered on a regular date of your choice. The advantage of using this facility will not only save you time - it will save you money. Simply call 0845 450 5593 and ask for more information on standing orders.

Do you offer a bespoke service?

We do! In-house manufacturing allows us to control all production processes and while our catalogue and web site represents standard products that are most frequently requested - we are in a position to tailor make items to suit individual requirements. Requests for bespoke items will be officially quoted and customers authorisation and agreement to the quotation will be required before work commences.


Do you have a representative who will visit my Church and assist with a particular furnishing project?

We have four area sales managers who each manage a sales region and the customers within it. By appointment and without obligation, our area sales managers will visit your Church and offer advice on any project you are considering, where possible they will supply samples, swatches, drawings and written quotations to support your decsion making process.

If I order something and dont like it - what happens?

In the event that you receive goods that are unsuitable contact us and we will make arrangements to have them collected and, if desired, have an alternative item sent.


Still have a question without an answer?

Please contact us and let us know your query, using the form or the contact information below.

phone 0845 450 5593

email sales@hfltd.com


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