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Here at Hayes & Finch, we provide a full valuation service for those hidden artefacts, heirloom pieces and undiscovered valuables.

Most churches are unaware of the worth of the items that have ‘just always been there’ or are ‘just part of the church’ and only when it comes to the replacement of an item are they acquainted with the actual cost.

If you had to replace an item through damage or theft would you be in a position to quote a valuation to your insurers?

Whilst you may save some money in premiums, under-insurance could affect the amount of money you receive in the event of a claim. Over the years we have been called to many churches to look at a collection of what may be deemed bits and pieces only to discover the church has a highly valuable asset in it that has previously gone unrecognised.

A chalice stored at the back of cupboards in one particular church turned out to be solid gold with a replacement value of £80,000, and glass crystals encrusted on a tabernacle door were in fact diamonds valued at £20,000!

We offer a full asset listing and valuation on all or part of your church furnishing items.

This includes visiting your church, photographing and recording the details of the pieces you wish to be valued. We then collate and present all the information to you in a book (physical and digital versions) featuring photographic evidence of each item, supported with a description and valuation.

Additional details regarding the history of the pieces listed, or stories of how they came to be in the church's possession can also be recorded, making the book not only an official document for insurance purposes, but also a keepsake for the church, forming part of it's history.

Interested in our valuation service?

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