Church Candles

Collection: Church Candles

Discover the premium selection of Hayes & Finch church candles and elegant candle holders.

Our range includes: 

Each selected piece pairs with our array of matching candle holders.

High Quality Church Candles

Quality and endurance are at the heart of our offerings. We craft our church candles using superior materials and advanced production techniques. The results provide an even burn and extended duration. Complement these with our sturdy, yet stylish, candle holders.

Candle Services

We provide tailored candle services designed to enhance both longevity and safety. These include a specialised spiking service.

Ask for these services while placing your order or connect with our team. Our knowledgeable team can guide you to the perfect church candles and holders.

Our History

We have a legacy of unparalleled quality and service dating to 1882. Hayes & Finch remains your reliable source for church candles and candle holders.

We cater not only to churches, but also to a variety of special occasions. We invite you to explore our collection and experience the difference today.