How to choose from all those church candles for sale

How to choose from all those church candles for sale - Hayes & Finch


You may also want to consider the type of holder you need for your church candle before buying one. It is important to know where you will put your church candle, so that it does not interfere with the other decorations in the room.

This blog post contains everything you need to know about buying church candles, including when churches use them and how they use them.

What are church candles?

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During religious ceremonies, church candles are lit to create a sacred space. They come in different shapes and sizes, and each type of candle has a specific purpose. Churches hold numerous ceremonies throughout the year, and they need different candles to perform all rituals.

When churches use them

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Churches use candles for various events or occasions throughout the year. Here are some of the most common times in which candles are lit:

  • Baptisms - Tapers are used to light up the baptism font
  • Weddings - Votive candles are often placed on the bride and groom's table, and tapers mark the entrance to the wedding ceremony.
  • Funerals - Tapers line the way to the casket.
  • Christmas Eve Mass - Tapers are placed around, above or behind the altar.
  • All Souls' Day (November) - Lanterns and tapers burn to honour those who have died without receiving blessings from a priest during their lifetime.
  • Candlemas (February) - Candles celebrate light over darkness and winter over spring.
  • Palm Sunday - Tapers are inserted into the top of the palm fronds, which are given to worshippers after Mass as a blessing and reminder of Jesus' introduction into Jerusalem just days before he died on the cross.

Why churches use different types of church candles for their ceremonies (i.e., Advent)

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The types of church candles used depend on the purpose of each ceremony. For example, there is a specific type for blessing people or places; another type for welcoming visitors; another for baptisms.

The church candle used during Easter is called a Paschal candle. Apart from various types of Paschal candles, churches often use large processional tapers to lead ceremonies and liturgies.

In some cases, these large church candles can be up to 18 inches tall. They are often made of beeswax or tallow, which means they burn more slowly than other candles.

Churches include wax candles in their Christmas celebrations. The melting wax symbolises the birth of Christ, while the flame symbolises His light and warmth.

Church candles are often used in conjunction with a cross, reminding us that Christ is the light of the world. When used in church ceremonies, large church candles for sale can enhance the majesty and holiness of the moment.

Church candles are an important part of many ceremonies in the Church, and their use can vary depending on the occasion. By understanding why churches use different types of church candles for their ceremonies, you can better appreciate the importance of these candles in religious traditions.

Types of church candles for sale on the market

Here are the most common kinds of church candles:

1. Taper candles

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Taper candles are the most common kind of church candle. They are long and thin, and are typically used to represent Christ.

Taper candles are also used in smaller churches to represent the Twelve Apostles. These church candles are typically decorated with gold leaf, but some can be painted or left bare.

Taper candles are lit on the altar and then passed on to the congregation, which will light them from the flame of the previous candle.

When used, they are extinguished in a bowl of water near the entrance to the church.

2. Pillar candles

Pillar candles are large and cylindrical, and are often used to symbolise Jesus or the Holy Spirit. They are often used in front of the church or on the altar.

3. Tapered spiral candles

Tapered spiral candles are conical and are used to represent the flames of the Holy Spirit. They are often used in the back of the church or near the baptismal font.

Church candle buying tips

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It is important to understand details about church candles, so that you buy the right types for your ceremonies. Listed below are some factors to consider when buying candles for your church.

  • The type of candle: There are many types of church candles on the market, so it is important to know what each one is used for. There are votive candles that can be used during special church events or for prayer services to symbolise love and peace.
  • The dimensions of the candle: Another factor you should consider when buying church candles is their size. You will find that some large candles may come in different shapes, such as round or hexagonal, so you should know what kind of candle your church needs before you buy it.
  • The wax material: Depending on their materials, there are many types of candles. For example, beekeepers make beeswax candles from natural ingredients in the UK and Europe, while paraffin candles contain artificial ingredients for easier maintenance.
  • The wick: To burn a candle, it needs a wick. You will find that some candles have thicker or thinner wicks, so you should choose the right one for the needs of your church.
  • The colour of the candle: Candles come in many colours, and each one has a different meaning. White candles, for example, typically represent purity and love. They can also symbolise peace or spirituality during special church events.
  • The scent of the candle: Some churches will want to use scented candles for their ceremonies, but others will not need these types of candles due to allergies in the congregation. Make sure you know which type is right for your church.
  • The Church Candle Holder: Whether in a static position or you need to carry the candle, you will need various church candle holders in your establishment. You will find that church candle holders come in different shapes and sizes to meet any needs.

When buying candles for your church or looking for church candle holders for sale, remember these tips to ensure you buy the right kind of candle for your specific needs. You will find various church candles for sale on the market, so take your time and choose wisely!


High quality church candles are used during religious ceremonies in different ways. Tapers are lit on the altar and passed on to the congregation, which will light them from the flame of the previous candle.

Pillar candles are often used in front of the church or on the altar. Tapered spiral candles are conical and are used to represent the flames of the Holy Spirit.

No matter what you need, you need a church supplier who can provide you with the right candles. Finding the right candles for sale for what you need is important when you have a particular event.

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