Church Candles

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With Hayes & Finch, you have a wide selection of church candles at your fingertips. From Paschal candles, beeswax candles, hand-dipped candles, advent candles to votive lights and sanctuary candles, and much more. We've got what you need! 

We also offer special candle services, such as spiking, for an additional fee.

Ask for this option when placing an order, or speak to one of our representatives today for help.

We are happy to help you with the finest church candles. We have been church suppliers and candle makers since 1882.

vigil candle
Easter Vigil Candles
£ 39.00
candle drip protectors
Candle Drip Protectors
£ 14.00
grave lights in shaped tubs with metal top - clear and red
Grave Lights
£ 30.00
pray for ukraine transfer 24 hour light
Ukraine 24 Hour Lights
£ 25.00
in loving memory transfer 24 hour votive lights
In Loving Memory 24 Hour Lights
£ 18.00
remembrance transfer 24 hour light
Remembrance 24 Hour Lights
£ 25.00