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Prinknash Abbey Incense

Prinknash Abbey Incense


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Incense from Prinknash Abbey is a unique blend of the finest premium scents that are designed to fill an entire room with sacred aromas. The scent of burning incense fills the air, reminding you that no matter what life brings your way, it's always good to have something spiritual.

It's perfect for use in churches or at home!

Available in a range of four fragrances:

  • Priory Incense: Experience the timeless serenity of the desert with Priory incense, crafted from pure Arabian frankincense. This classic fragrance offers a direct portal to ancient spiritual traditions, enveloping your space in its clean, resinous aroma.
  • Abbey Incense: Abbey incense blends frankincense with an exclusive mix of natural oils, releasing a symphony of citrus notes, aromatic woods, and warm spices. Light it up to infuse your surroundings with a refreshing yet deeply comforting scent that soothes the soul.
  • Basilica Incense: Immerse yourself in the divine mystery of Basilica incense, combining frankincense, two additional resins, and the finest natural oils. Each element is carefully chosen to create a sacred ambiance that elevates the spirit and purifies the mind.
  • Cathedral Incense: Cathedral incense is a harmonious blend of frankincense and handpicked natural oils, accented with hints of lemon, honey, and rich spices. Ignite this blend to fill your space with a warm, inviting fragrance that enhances contemplation and peace.

Sold in 1lb box.

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