preaching scarf - small and large sizes - black

Preaching Scarf


£ 80.37


The scarf of preaching is worn during long sermons and humble service as a symbol of unending faith.

Preaching scarves is an essential accessory for priests. Our attractive scarves are made of high quality fabrics.

The width of the scarf depends on your preferences. Our preaching scarf, or as some people may know, "the Bishop's Tie," is an essential item for most priests. It goes over your head and around the front.

Available black only in 2 sizes -

Small - 6" wide x 44" long from the back of the neck.

Large - 9" wide x 51" long from the back of the neck.

Sold individually.

This is a MADE TO ORDER item please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. We are not able to accept return of this item.