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Hayes & Finch are now the UK supplier of the St Killians Candle Burning System.

We can now offer you their full range of items, including their popular votive stands.




No more smoke or soot damage!
The persistent problem of smoke and soot accumulating on walls and ceilings caused by other candle burning systems have proven to be costly, unsightly and extremely dangerous. St. Killians Candles are made with three times refined paraffin and therefore does not omit any soot/smoke ma. king it reliable for Churches and Cathedrals. The self-extinguishing element to this candle eliminates the need to extinguish candles at the end of a day or after a mass – again eliminating any smoke.


No more plastic or aluminium cups!
The system was initially designed without plastic due to the safety benefits. However, today it is a vital element to the St. Killians system. By eliminating plastic cups from landfill, we are helping the planet; one candle at a time.


No more unprotected flames!
The St. Killian glass system is a three pieces patented glass system. The colour glass is secured on the stand; the middle glass is used as a barrier to protect the colour from any excess wax. The candle then sits inside the inner glass. This flame is then isolated within secured glass to eliminate the fear of a candle falling over. After burning for 60-90 minutes; the candle is completely liquid, and falls through the hole at the end of the inner glass; extinguishing itself on the way down falling into a water bath to completely guarantee quenching.


Environmentally friendly!
The candle itself uses no plastic/metal cups, helping the environment reduce its plastic consumption one candle at a time. It is self contained and burns within a glass. We also offer a full glass cleaning service to all of our St. Killians customers, once the glass has become dirty; we arrange for new glasses to be sent out as replacement and the dirty glass to be returned to us for cleaning.


No more wax spillage on the floors!
As part of our service, we offer taper sticks for all of our candle stands. This eliminates the need to light one candle off one another. As the candle sits inside a glass there is no room for wax to spill on floors.


Revenue generator!
It has always been important to us that we facilitate and help the church’s mission. Which is why we suggest and recommend offerings when this system is introduced to the church. From our experiences around the world, we are aware of what is needed and what people are willing to contribute to the church. On average, we see that revenues increase by approx. 75%. This is an important element for us because we understand the work that can be done with extra funds made available within.


Low maintenance!
We believe each person who participates in the cleaning and upkeep of Churches and Cathedrals deserve to have the least amount of work when it comes to cleaning and servicing the unit. We offer a full glass cleaning to all our St. Killians customers. The demonstration of servicing the stands can be found here and also in ‘maintenance’ tab on our website. The main element to the cleaning is to empty the wax twice a week and maintain water levels of 2″.


Lifetime guarantee!
We offer a full lifetime guarantee to all of our customers which will supply a full repair/replacement of spare parts.


Self-extinguishing candle!
This element of the system was very precious to us at St. Killians. We designed this system with the intention to the allow the burning of candles in churches without the fear of soot/smoke/fire.However a huge element of the development was to enable a person to put their intention in the form of a lighting flame inside the house of God. Every candle is lit with an intention. Every candle is special for whatever reason and it was important for us that every candle could stay lit and burn for its full intention. Hence; the self extinguishing. It allowed every intention to burn for its special reason without any interruption due to fear of fire safety.


Hayes and Finch Church Suppliers | St Killians Candle Burning System



How It Works

• The three-piece glass system eliminates the need for any plastic/metal cups aiding the environmental benefit to St. Killians.

• The outer glass is secured on the stand.

• The middle glass acts as a barrier to protect the colour glass from any excess wax.

• The candle itself sits in the inner glass.

• The candle burns for 60-90 minutes.

• Once it comes to the end of its life it falls through a hole at the bottom of the glass, extinguishing itself on the way down, falling into a water bath to guarantee quenching.

• The candle is made from 3 times refined paraffin and therefore does not omit any soot or smoke; protecting the churches features and artifacts from damage.





• Unscrew panels of crate

• Remove everything from the crate

• Release brakes and remove the stand from the crate

• Use a knife to remove the plastic from the stand- please cut from the back to protect the paintwork

• Open the back door and leave open until set up is complete

• Take the silicone from the service kit and spray the stand **please see safety precautions on the back of the can**

• Remove the glass from the tray and place on the entire candle stand (middles then inners)

• Place approx. 2” of water int eh water tray (please note you will never need to remove the water, only top it up)

• Place sand and tapers into the taper boxes

• Close the back door and apply brakes

• Remove candle holder, using allen wrench and set to the required height

• Cut the tabs at either side of the candle box, remove the lid and place on candles in the holder.

Take your first candle and light...Welcome to St Killians.





Recommended to service bi-weekly/monthly – depending on how busy your church is.

1. Blow out all candles and leave to one side.

2. Open back door & leave open until the full service is complete.

3. Remove inner and middle glasses.

4. Please take note of our traffic light system in the video below:
GREEN = OK to go back onto unit once service is complete. 
AMBER = OK to go back on unit once service is complete, however please note, it may need to be changed during next service. 
RED = This glass needs to be changed or cleaned. 
We provide a glass cleaning service for you to avail of, otherwise, please remove excess wax, wash, dry and reuse again on candle stand.

5. Remove retros, starting from the back.
Tip to remove the front retro, push up from inside the candle stand.

6. Using plastic credit card scrapper, remove excess wax from retros and candle stand.

7. Place retros back on candle stand.

8. Spray the candle stand with silicone.
Please note, safety precautions on the back of silicone canister.

9. Remove wax from water tray.
Please note, you do not need to empty or replace water, only refill to maintain water level of approximately 1”.

10. Close back door and lock.

11. Ensure tapers are replenished.

12. Ensure brakes are applied.

13. Replace the candles you removed at the beginning.

14. Relight the candles you blew out at the beginning.

Your service is now complete.





What makes St. Killians different from other candle burning systems?
St. Killians has proven; around the world; to be the cleanest, safest and only soot-less; real votive candle system in existence.


Will our church make money if we install St. Killians?
St. Killians has proven to be a valuable means to help sustain your mission.We have seen placing a suggested candle offering is important to guide parishioners of what to donate.


Are the candle stands secure from theft?
You will always run the risk of theft where money is in circulation. However, we have specially designed cash boxes which makes theft extremely difficult to occur.


What happens if the glass gets broken or stolen?
Although rare, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts of the system including the glass.We will replace the glass at no cost.


Our parishioners like to light candles on our current system?
Parishioners are not change, but to upgrade to the safest, cleanest and most economical real votive candle burning system in existence. St. Killians votive candle system is an investment in safety, cleanliness and profitability. however, because our system is a mobile and in multiple sizes and shapes, it can be employed to compliment what you presently have.


Will everyone pay the suggested Candle offering?
You will always have people that will light a candle and not pay for it. However, most people will donate the suggested offering which will cover the loss of those who chose not to donate.


Who will clean the glasses when they get dirty?
We provide a free glass cleaning service to your church, all that is required is to contact us. Our partner in Glasgow will provide a UPS label for you to send your used glasses which are cleaned and then returned to your church.


How much maintenance is involved in keeping the candle stand clean?
There is very little maintenance involved. St. Killians will provide all necessary cleaning materials free of charge, we also have a demonstration video how to clean the units: Please see the maintenance section below for further details.


We have electric candle stands, why would we change?
Most people like to light real candles as it is symbolic of the holy spirit and brings more value to their invocation. However, fear of fire and damage from smoke has made many churches use the electric kind. What makes St. Killians unique is that is gives pastors the option to once again use a real flame with absolute confidence of safety, cleanliness and profitability.


How often do we need to change the water in the water trays?
There is a no need to change the water, only to refill when it begins to evaporate. It is just the wax that needs to be removed on a daily/weekly basis, depending on usage.


What happens if I need spare parts, are they available?
Of course, St. Killians provide a lifetime guarantee with all our candle stands. If any spare parts are required, St. Killians will provide them free of charge.


Hayes and Finch Church Suppliers | St Killians Candle Burning System



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