Bespoke Garment Services

Bespoke Church Garments Service - Hayes & Finch


Our vestment work room cannot only offer a comprehensive selection of stocked lines but also a fully bespoke service creating garments and hangings to match specific requirements.

 This service includes advice and discussion with our staff to develop your concept and specifications, a generated visual proof of the desired item design, and a quotation with fabric and material samples.

Our vestment room team can create to match existing pieces or create a brand new garment with a completely bespoke design.

Customers are welcome to visit and talk with our expert machinists and seamstresses who will work with you to develop your idea to quote and give advice on the best options to take to the finished piece.

Vestments, Shirts, Frontals, Falls, Tabernacle covers, Altar cloths, Hassocks, Pew Cushions, Tapestry Kneelers from a vast array of fabrics, linens and trimming options.


With the latest technology and machinery, we can now offer bespoke embroidery.

Whether you have an idea for a motif, image or text you would like to be displayed on a garment, our designers can help to create a completely bespoke embroidery for you.

On the other hand, we have a number of standard crosses, chi-rhos and dedication label fonts to add to your linens, vestments or falls.


Bespoke Church Garments Embroidery Service - Hayes & Finch


Printed Panels

 We have expanded our bespoke garment options with the option of printed panels.

These panels allow us to add more detailed imagery to your garments. As this means we can now have your desired picture printed directly onto material which is then sewn into the piece.

See our Liverpool Diocesan Vestment, commissioned by Archbishop McMahon, and matching falls and cover below, all made using printed panels.


Bespoke Church Garments Printed Service - Hayes & Finch


All work is preceded with a full written quotation. A deposit may be required.

For a no obligation quotation for bespoke work, please contact us using the form or the contact information below.

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