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Manufacturing our own candles at Hayes & Finch allows us to offer a bespoke service, not only to cater for the supply of specifically sized candles but also to add personalisations to accommodate a host of special events, circumstances and occasions.

The service includes, on one hand, hand dipping your preferred wax mixture to a certain width and height to suit your particular needs.

On the other hand, you may want to use one of our standard candle products and add your own personalisation.

Using a combination of graphics and wax art design, our in-house design department can create artwork to suit any occasion. Candles can be adorned with names, dates and images to provide a keepsake for any commemorative event.


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These candles can then be used, as we most commonly find, to sell on to help generate revenue. If you are fundraising for your church, school or organisation, creating a marketable item with us can assist you in generating additional income.



If you wish to receive a no obligation quotation for bespoke work please contact us.

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