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Mucknell Abbey Incense


£ 23.00



Freshly blended and packed incense from Mucknell Abbey.

The Mucknell Abbey Incense is made from hand-picked and blended fresh herbs that are carefully packed in an aromatic container. There's a rich sweet fragrance for those who like their magic sweeter.

Or there's the more earthy Evesham smoke if you're looking to fill your church or home with scents of days long gone by! 

This product comes complete with a 450g box so it will last longer than just one hour each day - although they recommend getting at least two boxes since both fragrances have different moods depending on what time period you choose them for!

Available in 2 fragrances -

Glastonbury - a rich sweet aroma.

Evesham - all the smells of a monastic herbal garden.

Sold in 450g box.