Company Update: A Glimpse inside the Factory

Company Update: A Glimpse inside the Factory - Hayes & Finch

It's been a while since we gave you an update on what's been happening around our on-site factory in Liverpool, so we thought we'd put together a few inspiring milestones and exciting jobs we've had through the door.

We'd love to know if there are any projects or ideas you have that we can help with!


Candlefloor - Over 40 Years Hand Dipping Advent Candles...

Our candlefloor worker, Jean, has been working at Hayes & Finch for over 45 years and each year, without fail, Jean prepares your seasonal candles ready for the Advent season.

Jean hand dips each candle to give them their beautiful colours, so the next time you light your purple, pink or red candles, take a moment to remember the work and care Jean put into creating them for you!

Hayes & Finch - A Glimpse inside the Factory - Jean Hand Dipping Advent Candles

If you haven't ordered your Advent candles set for this year, why not buy now before the rush?

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Woodmill - Restoring Benches and Kneelers all over the UK...

The team at Hayes & Finch certainly know how to reverse the signs of ageing, the most recent project had us restoring 28 pews from a Church in Ireland!

The pews arrived in Liverpool and needed completely stripping off the old dark varnish, revealing the beautiful pitch pine original timber. The team managed to take the pews apart, sand each individual part, before putting them all back together and then applying 4 coats of clear lacquer to each one.

You can see the level of detail these pews have been through in our before and after photographs below. The pews will soon be returned to the Church in Ireland, where they're busy decorating the Church interior, preparing to welcome back their pews.

Hayes & Finch - A Glimpse inside the Factory - Ireland Church Pew Restoration Before and After

Since the pandemic Churches have re-opened their doors to parishioners, and now some of the Church kneelers are in need of replacement. The team at Hayes & Finch are more than capable of providing this service, whether this is creating brand new or refurbishing the old!

We offer free quotations and will travel the whole of the UK and Ireland to carry out the work. We will also work around your budget, giving options that fit around you. This includes the option of not having all pews done at one time, you can chose how many tired kneelers you'd like us to work on and then, as funds allow, continue with the remaining replacements.

Why not phone today to arrange a site visit from one of our representatives and have us create you a free, no obligation quotation?

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Metalshop - Over 40 Years of Silversmithing...

The silversmiths at Hayes & Finch really do know how to make an old relic shine again. From the smallest of repairs to the largest, anything from a small pyx to a large Sanctuary lamp, our team have the know-how and the experience to restore those items that look like they've been through it!

Dave has worked for Hayes & Finch for over 40 years, from a young boy to a fully qualified silversmith in the Ecclesiastical world, Dave has spent all of his adult life providing a service to the Church. So when you send in your precious items to us, just know, they're in very good hands.

Hayes & Finch - A Glimpse inside the Factory - Dave Restoring a Sanctuary Lamp in the Metalshop

Our renovation and restoration services span across a variety of work, from just a simple clean and polish to replacing gems and intricate details to fixing broken parts and pieces, we can reverse the signs of ageing!

Have a piece in your Church that is in need of some care, why not phone today and speak to our sales team, or arrange a site visit from one of our representatives, and have us create you a no obligation quotation for free?

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Vestment Room - Made to Measure Altar Frontals...

The vestment department is able to manufacture the most beautiful vestments, to your own design and choice of fabric, and their talents don’t end there!

The most recent is a large Altar frontal, manufactured in a purple damask fabric with the additions of gold fringe and an embroidered cross. Made to measure and to the customers exact design, this piece of artwork is amongst the great works that leave this department on a daily basis.

Hayes & Finch - A Glimpse inside the Factory - Bespoke Made to Measure Altar Frontal

Do you have something in mind that you want to see brought to fruition, get in touch today for a free quotation, we're just a phone call away from your dream becoming reality!

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Would you like to see more?

We hope you have enjoyed this small insight into our on-site factory in Liverpool...

If you'd like to see it all for yourself and more, why not book a factory tour?

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