Step by Step Guide to Church Supplies

Sourcing the best church supplies is one of the most commonly overlooked, yet crucial challenges facing any church organiser or clergy. 

However, when searching for high quality church supplies, you must ensure that all church items are of the desired standard, while simultaneously representing value for money. Moreover, you must ensure you have a suitable supply of all churchware, church accessories, and other products that can be used for daily services and special occasions.

Hayes & Finch boasts a church supplies online catalogue that can help you find everything from altar breads to vestments and beyond. Before buying your church supplies, however, you must first create a list of items needed to maintain a positive atmosphere for all church guests. The following guide will help you cover all angles.


Church Candles and Paschal Candles

paschal candles

As far as daily church supplies, church candles are among the most significant. Votive candles, sanctuary and memorial candles are some of the most important symbols of all, signifying a person’s intention to pray. Candles are also used at the altar, during sermons, and for decorative purposes. 

Church candles can be made in various heights and diameter sizes to match their distinct purpose. However, long burning times are usually desired from church candles, which is why beeswax altar candles are a very popular solution. Small candles are also used during baptisms, communions, and other special events.

Other church candles are used for specific times of the year. Paschal candles are used to celebrate Easter and are lit throughout this period. Meanwhile, advent candles (which are also used by home users) can be used in December to complete the countdown to Christmas Day.


Candle votive stands

candle votive stand

If your church uses candles, it will almost certainly need candle votive stands. They are crucial church items that hold the lit candles of prayer, while some designs are specifically designed for holding candles during those special events of the year.

The war on plastic continues to grow in our world. Here we have a solution and one you can add to the recyling plan for your church. You buy single use plastic votive candles that burn for 2 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours in a church, the used plastic from these will remain on Earth for a 1000 years. 

The plastics from these cannot be recycled and 1000’s of Tonnes of these eventually end up being dumped into landfill. Let your Church be a part of the Solution to Plastic Pollution.

All votive candle stands feature several tiers and rows of candles, all presented in front of the saint. Votive stands can also feature money boxes or be designed specifically for corners. 

For guests who wish to pray for their loved ones, the candle votive stands are an integral part of the church setup. As a clergy, ensuring that suitable stands are present at all times should be a priority. 

The new St Killians candle votive stands are available in the UK through Hayes & Finch. The system helps your church generate donations, it’s easy to keep clean and it reduces the mess of tranditional votive candle stands.


Church Supplies & Resources

votive candles

Churches are a central part of their communities and can welcome hundreds, or in some cases thousands, of members and visitors every week. Therefore, ensuring that you have the church supplies and resources to provide a comfortable and pleasant experience is essential for promoting the welcoming atmosphere that every church desires.

Now, more than ever since the pandemic, purchasing antibacterial hand sanitisers and multi-surface cleaners that are suited to the various materials found in church interiors is imperative. Additional supplies may include Palm Ash tubs and packets, as well as incense and golden palm branches for the Palm Sunday celebrations.


Church Furniture

Whether designing the interior of a newly constructed church or giving the spaces some much-needed TLC, the right church furniture choices will be pivotal. Altars, pulpits and lecterns, are some of the most important features to consider. Extra items can range from wall pieces like hymn boards to functional items like confessional screens.

Church furniture designs are available in various shapes and sizes. For example, lecterns can have square or curved stems, while others have adjustable heights. Pulpit designs may feature applied crosses or opt for a beaded design. Altars and other church items offer the same aesthetic flexibility, which is why you can choose from ordering online or discussing your order with an experienced church supplies advisor, who can help you every step of the way.

As well as the church furniture used by organisers and priests, you must consider guest furniture. From pews to chairs, communal kneelers to presidential chairs, quality craftsmanship is pivotal. Likewise, all furniture pieces should create a consistent aesthetic that suits the vibe of the church.


Vestment, Cassocks custom fit, beautiful fabrics, excellent quality

Vestments are essential for all priests and clergy members. They set the right image as you present to your guests and God. Therefore, beautiful fabrics with lasting durability are the only solutions you should purchase. 

Augustine Albs, academic gowns, Alpha Omega chasubles, canon cassocks and cassock capes are just some of the outfits and materials needed throughout the year. Meanwhile, accessories including tapes, stoles, baptism towels, and birettas could be needed.

In addition to wearable items, hanging and pop-up banners, as well as framed prints could be used to create a better atmosphere, reaffirm faith, and provide valuable information.


Vestment Repair - Church Furniture Restoration

church furniture liverpool

As a clergy member, you want to stock your church with the best products to provide a more welcoming atmosphere for your visitors. While using a comprehensive church supplies provider gives premium quality church items at affordable prices will help.You must ensure that the right moves are made for the sake of your budget. restorations over replacements can be the key.

Church furniture restoration can often be completed by buying replacement parts. Repairing a broken pulpit shelf or book rest is far easier than replacing the whole product. Similarly, new seat paddings can be used to restore pews to their former glory. These options won’t always be viable, which is when the aforementioned church products will be necessary.

Nonetheless, restoration brassware, fibreglass, resins, silver, wood carvings, and other materials should be considered when looking to transform the church on a budget. Repair services for ripped or damaged vestment materials can be a useful option too.


Holy Communion - Altar wine and Altar breads

Church organisers should not limit their preparations to furniture and church product supplies. Consumables are integral features of key events, like Holy Communions. Altar breads and altar wines represent the body and blood of Jesus. Therefore, ensuring that you have those items stocked, including gluten-free altar breads and alcohol-free communion wine, is vital.


Church Supplies and Religious Gifts – Serving the UK

By now, you should have a pretty solid checklist of church furniture, church accessories, and other items that you need to provide your community with the very best services throughout the year.

To find out more about our new environmentally friendly votive candle stands please visit candle votive stands or call one of our helpful team, who will happily discuss with you the benefits of this new exciting range.

Hayes & Finch is proud to offer premium church supplies at exceptional prices and with quick deliveries. To place your order or find out more about what we can offer your church, get in touch today!

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How to Prepare for Easter with Paschal Candles

Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings. It's also the celebration of Christ's resurrection, which means Paschal candles will be used for church services all over the world in the coming weeks. This blog post will talk about Paschal candles, their meaning, and how they are used throughout Eastertide.

The Paschal candle is one of the most important symbols of Easter. It reminds us of the light of Christ and his resurrection. The Paschal candle should be prominently placed in the church, and it should be lit during all services throughout the Easter season.

Everything you need to know how to prepare for Easter with Paschal candles is right here, so be sure to read on.

What is a Paschal candle?

paschal candle

A Paschal candle is a large, white candle lit during the Easter season, also known as a Easter candle. It is used to symbolise the light of Christ and his resurrection.

The holy Easter candle is often used to bless other candles and objects. It is also used to lead the procession into the church on Easter morning.

If you are looking for a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate Easter in your church or home, consider purchasing an Easter candle. You will feel peace and joy as you light it each Easter Sunday.

Why is the Paschal candle important in church and Easter?

The Paschal candle is one of the most important symbols of Easter. It is lit during the Easter Vigil to represent the Paschal mystery - the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These special holy candles are often decorated with symbols of the Christian faith, such as the cross, doves, and lamb.

How long is the Paschal candle lit for at Easter?

holy candle

These beeswax candles are lit for the entire Easter season, which lasts 50 days. From the Easter Vigil until the Day of Pentecost, the Paschal candle is lit and carried in procession. It is placed on an altar or near the tabernacle, where it remains burning throughout the season.

The Paschal candle symbolises Christ's presence among us and his victory over death. The Easter candle, as it is referred to, is the longest lit candle in the church liturgical calendar. It's important to keep this candle lit throughout Easter as a sign of hope and renewal. During Mass, the priest will bless people with the Paschal candle.

You should extinguish your Paschal church candles on Holy Saturday after the Easter Vigil Mass, or at any time during the day on Easter Sunday. Usually churches will leave the candle burning until the end of Mass.

How to decorate an Easter vigil Holy candle

wax relief candles

There are many ways to decorate a Paschal candle. You can use fabric, ribbons, ornaments, and more. Here are a few ideas:

- Add ribbons in different colours to the Paschal candle. This will add visual interest and elegance. Choose a colour that represents Easter, such as green or white.

- Use ornaments to decorate the Paschal candle. Choose shapes and colours that represent Easter.

- Add leaves, flowers, or other decorations to the beeswax candle. This will make it look festive and celebratory.

- Add incense grains to the Paschal candles. This will give it a beautiful aroma and make it more special.

- Use Paschal sticker transfers to decorate the pillar candle. There are many designs to choose from, so you can find one that matches your church's style.

- Buy a candle with a wax relief on it. There are various designs available, depending on your situation.

No matter how you decorate your church candle, it will surely look beautiful and festive. Easter is a time of celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with a beautifully decorated Paschal candle?

What are Paschal candles made of?

paschal candle uk

Beeswax is the traditional material for Easter candles. Paschal candles are made of beeswax because it is a natural and renewable resource.

- Non-toxic: Beeswax candles emit no toxins, unlike petroleum based candles.

- Sustainable: The bees only need to collect nectar from flowers to produce more wax for making new candles.

- Air pollution: Producing beeswax candles doesn't produce any pollutants that can harm the environment. The candles don't omit any smoke or black soot.

- Burning time: Beeswax candles burn longer than other types of candles. They can last up to 40 hours per candle, which makes them great for churches that only have Paschal candles during the Easter season once a week. The Paschal candle is an essential part of any church's Easter celebration. Not only does it provide a beautiful visual, but it also has a deep spiritual meaning.

How do you display your Paschal candle?

paschal candle holder

When it comes to where to place the white candle, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the Paschal candle should be placed in a prominent position in the church - often at the front of the congregation. It should also be positioned so that it is visible from all parts of the church. Additionally, the church candle should not be placed too close to anything that could potentially catch fire, such as curtains or pews.

- Easter candle snuffers are used to extinguish Paschal candles after the Easter Vigil Mass, so that you don't accidentally bump them and knock over your Paschal candles.

- Church candle stands can be made of brass, silver or ceramic like candle holders, but there are also various types that can hold your Paschal candle for Easter! These will help keep them upright if you don't have something to rest it.

Buy your Easter church candles with confidence

If you're looking for high-quality Easter candles, paschal candles and church supplies, then look no further than Hayes & Finch. We supply churches all over the UK with everything they need to celebrate Easter, and we have a wide range of products available to suit every budget.

Our Easter candles are made from the finest materials, and our Paschal candles are hand-crafted to the highest standards. We also have a wide range of church supplies available, including vestments, pop up banners, palm crosses, Easter stoles, hanging banners and paschal candle stands.

Whatever your church needs, we can help you get ready for Easter. Contact us today to find out more here or call one of our team who are ready to help on 0845 450 5593.

How to choose from all those church candles for sale


You may also want to consider the type of holder you need for your church candle before buying one. It is important to know where you will put your church candle, so that it does not interfere with the other decorations in the room.

This blog post contains everything you need to know about buying church candles, including when churches use them and how they use them.

What are church candles?

church candles liverpool

During religious ceremonies, church candles are lit to create a sacred space. They come in different shapes and sizes, and each type of candle has a specific purpose. Churches hold numerous ceremonies throughout the year, and they need different candles to perform all rituals.

When churches use them

paschal candle

Churches use candles for various events or occasions throughout the year. Here are some of the most common times in which candles are lit:

  • Baptisms - Tapers are used to light up the baptism font
  • Weddings - Votive candles are often placed on the bride and groom's table, and tapers mark the entrance to the wedding ceremony.
  • Funerals - Tapers line the way to the casket.
  • Christmas Eve Mass - Tapers are placed around, above or behind the altar.
  • All Souls' Day (November) - Lanterns and tapers burn to honour those who have died without receiving blessings from a priest during their lifetime.
  • Candlemas (February) - Candles celebrate light over darkness and winter over spring.
  • Palm Sunday - Tapers are inserted into the top of the palm fronds, which are given to worshippers after Mass as a blessing and reminder of Jesus' introduction into Jerusalem just days before he died on the cross.

Why churches use different types of church candles for their ceremonies (i.e., Advent)

advent candle

The types of church candles used depend on the purpose of each ceremony. For example, there is a specific type for blessing people or places; another type for welcoming visitors; another for baptisms.

The church candle used during Easter is called a Paschal candle. Apart from various types of Paschal candles, churches often use large processional tapers to lead ceremonies and liturgies.

In some cases, these large church candles can be up to 18 inches tall. They are often made of beeswax or tallow, which means they burn more slowly than other candles.

Churches include wax candles in their Christmas celebrations. The melting wax symbolizes the birth of Christ, while the flame symbolizes His light and warmth.

Church candles are often used in conjunction with a cross, reminding us that Christ is the light of the world. When used in church ceremonies, large church candles for sale can enhance the majesty and holiness of the moment.

Church candles are an important part of many ceremonies in the Church, and their use can vary depending on the occasion. By understanding why churches use different types of church candles for their ceremonies, you can better appreciate the importance of these candles in religious traditions.

Types of church candles for sale on the market

Here are the most common kinds of church candles:

1. Taper candles

taper candles

Taper candles are the most common kind of church candle. They are long and thin, and are typically used to represent Christ.

Taper candles are also used in smaller churches to represent the Twelve Apostles. These church candles are typically decorated with gold leaf, but some can be painted or left bare.

Taper candles are lit on the altar and then passed on to the congregation, which will light them from the flame of the previous candle.

When used, they are extinguished in a bowl of water near the entrance to the church.

2. Pillar candles

Pillar candles are large and cylindrical, and are often used to symbolize Jesus or the Holy Spirit. They are often used in front of the church or on the altar.

3. Tapered spiral candles

Tapered spiral candles are conical and are used to represent the flames of the Holy Spirit. They are often used in the back of the church or near the baptismal font.

Church candle buying tips

sanctuary candles

It is important to understand details about church candles, so that you buy the right types for your ceremonies. Listed below are some factors to consider when buying candles for your church.

  • The type of candle: There are many types of church candles on the market, so it is important to know what each one is used for. There are votive candles that can be used during special church events or for prayer services to symbolise love and peace.
  • The dimensions of the candle: Another factor you should consider when buying church candles is their size. You will find that some large candles may come in different shapes, such as round or hexagonal, so you should know what kind of candle your church needs before you buy it.
  • The wax material: Depending on their materials, there are many types of candles. For example, beekeepers make beeswax candles from natural ingredients in the UK and Europe, while paraffin candles contain artificial ingredients for easier maintenance.
  • The wick: To burn a candle, it needs a wick. You will find that some candles have thicker or thinner wicks, so you should choose the right one for the needs of your church.
  • The colour of the candle: Candles come in many colours, and each one has a different meaning. White candles, for example, typically represent purity and love. They can also symbolise peace or spirituality during special church events.
  • The scent of the candle: Some churches will want to use scented candles for their ceremonies, but others will not need these types of candles due to allergies in the congregation. Make sure you know which type is right for your church.
  • The Church Candle Holder: Whether in a static position or you need to carry the candle, you will need various church candle holders in your establishment. You will find that church candle holders come in different shapes and sizes to meet any needs.

When buying candles for your church or looking for church candle holders for sale, remember these tips to make sure you buy the right kind of candle for your specific needs. You will find various church candles for sale on the market, so take your time and choose wisely!


High quality church candles are used during religious ceremonies in different ways. Tapers are lit on the altar and passed on to the congregation, which will light them from the flame of the previous candle. Pillar candles are often used in front of the church or on the altar. Tapered spiral candles are conical and are used to represent the flames of the Holy Spirit.

No matter what you need, you need a church supplier who can provide you with the right candles. Finding the right candles for sale for what you need is important when you have a particular event.

Visit our church candles page to find what you need! Or, call Hayes & Finch on 0845 450 5593.

What Is Altar Wine and What Is Used For?

Altar wine is one of the oldest types of wine used in many Christian ceremonies for centuries. It usually contains alcohol, and is usually blessed by a church authority.

The first variety we will look at is the Mustum, a wine made from grape juice and honey that can be consumed before communion.

We will also introduce you to Mass Wine, a sweet dessert-like wine used during Mass services and Holy Communion. Finally, we will look at the "best" variety, the richer, more expensive reserve wine, often reserved for holy days such as Easter or Christmas.

1. What is altar wine?


These are wines usually blessed by church authority and used in many Christian ceremonies for centuries. The wine comes in different varieties, but this article will focus on the most important three: Mustum, Mass Wine and Altar Wine.

Altar wines can be consumed on various occasions, such as communion or simply during a regular Mass. Don’t confuse them with sacramental wines, which are often blessed at church services, but differ because they are consumed outside of a particular occasion or ceremony.

2. How altar wines differ from other alcoholic beverages

Altar wines differ from other alcoholic beverages because they are meant to bless the person who consumes them, rather than simply being something to consume for pleasure.

Altar wines are first produced as regular wines, which are then blessed by a church authority. You can consume them before or during a mass ceremony, but also have other uses, such as being spread on the altar to boost their blessing.

3. Why altar wines are important for certain religions or occasions

Altar wines, or communion wines, were originally created to replace actual blood sacrifices, so that people could participate without feeling guilty about drinking blood.

While the church authority blesses the wines, the wine is not intended to be consumed as part of communion. Instead, altar wines can be consumed outside Mass and Holy Communion. Today, you’ll find they are mainly used to serve people in ceremonies, such as baptisms or weddings.

The wines are an important part of religious ceremonies in many religions. They play an important role in Christian ceremonies and are often used during Mass and Holy Communion.

There are many types, each with its own unique properties and purposes. In this article, we introduce you to the different types of wine and explain why they are important for certain religions or occasions.

4. The different types of altar wines and their significance in religious ceremonies

altar wine uk

Altar wines are wines that fall under the category of sacramental wines. Most wines have been used in Christian ceremonies for centuries, and there are many types, each with its own history.

The first variety is mustum. Mustum is a type of altar wine made of grape juice and honey. It is consumed before communion and is considered an unadulterated wine. The Church recognised Mustum as a permissible matter for the Eucharist.

The next wine that we will look at is mass wine, a type of wine that is both unfermented and unadulterated, and also known as non-alcoholic. It can be consumed during communion or other services.

Sacrament wine is altar wine consumed during communion or other services. Although it doesn't contain alcohol, the flavour of Sacrament wine is usually sweet and sometimes fruity.

Reserve wine is a type of altar wine intended for consecration. It is usually a mixture of red and white wines and needs to be stored in a dark and cool place. As it is intended for consecration, it is important that the wine does not spoil. For this reason, reserve wines must be handled with care.

The last wine to look at is altar wine, the most important type. This wine is usually fermented and sometimes contains alcohol. It is used during communion and other services, and is often sweet in flavour.

Both wines were initially used during the sacrifice of altar bread as a substitute for animal blood. Each type of wine has its own unique meaning within religion.

In some religions, communion wine is still only allowed to be consumed by the priests who produce it. These wines can range from regular grape juice mixed with water to extravagant alcohol wines.

5. Tips on how to store altar wines

altar wine

Since wines are often expensive and contain a lot of alcohol, it is important to keep them properly stored in tiptop condition. Here are some tips on how to store wine:

  • Store wines in a dark and cool place, such as a cellar or cupboard.
  • Keep wines away from direct sunlight, as this can spoil them.
  • Make sure the wines are properly sealed so they do not come into contact with air.
  • Don't overfill the wine bottles, as this can also spoil them.

If you follow these tips, you can store wines for longer periods and enjoy them for many ceremonies.

As you can see, there is more to communion wine than meets the eye. Apart from the different types of wine, it has a deep religious significance for different faiths. Communion wine is also used for various occasions, such as baptisms, weddings and funerals.

For Christians, wine is an important part of the ritual of Holy Communion. The wine is the blood of Christ and has been blessed by church authority for centuries.

Order altar wine from Hayes & Finch today, and we'll deliver it to you with next day shipping!

FAQs about altar wine

What altar wine does the Catholic Church use?

altar wine newcastle

Altar wine is any wine used in communion and comes from grapes, with most wines from the heavy grape-producing countries of Italy and France. Wine is considered an altar wine after it has been blessed by a Catholic priest.

Are altar wines for drinking before communion different from altar wines used in Mass services and Holy Communion?

Altar wines used in communion and wines used in Mass services of Holy Communion are the same type of altar wine. These wines are made of grape juice and honey, and often these wines can be consumed before communion in a Catholic church.

Why are wines specifically called altar wines?

Altar wines are sacramentals, and it is an ecclesiastical term given to the wine,

which is consecrated by a bishop, while altar cakes can be consecrated without permission.

What are the most common varieties of altar wine?

Altar wines are part of sacramental wine, which is a wine blessed by the Church. There are many varieties of communion wines, but typically you can find the wines in mustum and Mass Wine varieties. Mustum is a grape juice and honey wine that can be consumed before communion, while mass wine can best be described as a sweet dessert wine used during church service or Holy Communion.

What is the alcohol content of altar wine?

The alcohol content of these wines is much higher than in other wines. Altar wine is typically used during communion as a substitute for water. The fact that altar wine has such a high alcohol content is the reason why it would not be appropriate to use an altar wine cup for drinks such as water or juice.

What is it called when Christians drink wine?

Altar wine is a term used to describe the wine used in Christian ceremonies or sacramental wine. The wines you use for different religions or occasions come with different traditions and sometimes rituals that determine how altar wine is consumed depending on the event and / or religion.

For example, altar wines can be sweetened with honey and consumed in some Christian ceremonies before communion, but not in others. Similarly, alcohol-free altar wines, called mustum, are used during religious services for those who do not drink alcohol. They are either grape juice (used as part of the Holy Communion) or water (blessed as part of other church services).

What does wine symbolize in the Bible?

Wine is also used as a symbol of Jesus Christ's bloodline. For this reason, altar wine, which was first used in religious ceremonies by early Christians during the Eucharist, was initially consumed only by clergy.

We know this because altar wine has been around for centuries, and it was only recently that the wine was made available to all members of the Catholic Church who are over 18 years old.

The inclusion of altar wines in Masses means not only blood, but also freshness and purity.

Time to stock up on your Holy Communion Altar Wine & Altar Breads

We at Hayes & Finch believe you should have a wide range of altar wine, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic for your parishioners.

We also offer holy communion supplies, so if this sounds like something for which one has been searching, then come find us in Liverpool!

Or visit online today and buy your altar wine and altar breads today .....

How to Choose the Best Church Supplies after the pandemic

Church supplies serve as the church's basic necessities during religious services.

Many churches have been searching for church supplies after the pandemic. Your church furniture may need a revamp, along with church accessories, such as church candles and Holy Communion supplies.

We hope you and your congregation are doing well after the pandemic! We understand that it may be difficult to get back into a routine, but we want to help ensure everything is in order.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to bring church supplies back into your church after the pandemic. It is important for us all to stay resilient during these trying times and work together as a community.


Bringing church supplies back into your church after the pandemic?

church supplies near me

Churches have been faced with shutting their doors or moving to new locations. This has been due to the pandemic and churches having to close their doors for so long.

This means the demand for church accessories for every Christian denomination and religious group is high after the pandemic.

Churches need certain church supplies, no matter what their size or nature might be. Here are a few you may need:

  • Candles for churches
  • Church vestments
  • Church furniture
  • Pews
  • Chairs
  • Pulpit
  • Baptismal fonts
  • Altar Bread
  • Altar Wine

These items are all crucial to the upkeep and ongoing functionality of a church.

It's staggering how much you can help a church save money when they buy from a one-stop supplier.


Vestments for your church

church vestments liverpool

Renewal of vestments is important for the look and feel of your church. It's important to welcome your parishioners back after the pandemic. But, there may be a few worries concerning you.

For instance, for a place of worship that has to have many vestments for their various ceremonies and events, the cost will add up quickly. Especially if you're hoping to provide a specific dress code for certain occasions, in addition to having good quality formal outfits available for you to order on a quick delivery.

This makes sense, because with one purchase, people can get not only what they need, but also uniforms or church clothing suitable for priests and other church officials. You can also get everything in one place without having to go around everywhere looking for the best deals.

Hayes & Finch Liverpool, you can find all the best quality products without breaking the bank.


Why are churches replacing pews with chairs?

church furniture liverpool

The main reason churches replace pews with chairs is to allow more room for people. The standard church has never been designed with the needs of today's congregations in mind, which likely consist of many elderly members, parents with small children or people who use wheelchairs.

Today, most churches use chairs as part of their church furniture. They take up less space and make it easier for all parishioners to follow the priest during services. In some cases, pews are being replaced for construction reasons.

Churches with wider nave and transepts can fit in at least one or two rows of pews, while churches with narrow ones cannot accommodate any. Other factors taken into account when deciding whether to use pews or chairs include:

1) If the church has a high ceiling (which means air circulation is good), they can use cushioned chairs, which do not involve leg-rests. This type of chair is suitable for churches with high ceiling because it maximizes air circulation.

2) The church should have sound and suitable lighting systems in place, so that parishioners can clearly picture the altar. If they don't, then certain types of chairs may also need to be installed to enable people to see better (e.g., stackable theatre seating).

3) The church must create a comfortable seating environment; in other words, it should make its seating attractive in aesthetic terms (i.e., looks), as well as safe and functional (i.e., provides enough head room when sitting down or getting up, fits well in the space available, has a proper back rest).

In addition to more room and a better view, churches have found that people tend to be more comfortable sitting in chairs than on hard wooden pews. When people feel more comfortable, it's easier to focus on what's going on at the altar, or having to sit in uncomfortable church pews.


What are the different candles for churches?

church candles liverpool

There are many types of candles for churches. Here are the most common types:

  • Votives, which are small jars that can be lit and then placed in holders or on tables to provide soft light
  • Taper candles, which are thin wax columns that could be used as part of a ceremony.
  • Pillar candles, which are thick candles with an open base (ideal for placement on the altar).
  • Beeswax candles, which are made from pure beeswax. They burn much longer than other types of candles and have a wonderful scent
  • Tea lights, which are small candles in metal or glass containers that heat up to warm whatever they are lit in front of. The heat from the flame melts the wax pellets inside the container slowly, releasing the fragrances.

Candles and holders for votive prayers are the perfect way to add atmospheric lighting to your church, mosque or synagogue. The use of candles and holders for votive prayers is a tradition in both Catholic and Orthodox Christian Churches, and they can also be found in other places around the world.


What makes St. Killians different from other candle burning systems?

votive candle stand liverpool

Hayes & Finch Liverpool are delighted to announce that we are your UK supplier of the St Killians Candle Burning System. We can now offer you their full range of items, including their popular votive stands.

  1. Some benefits to one of these candle votive stands are:
  2. No more smoke or soot damage!
  3. No more plastic or aluminium cups!
  4. No more unprotected flames!
  5. No more wax spillage on the floors!
  6. Revenue generator!
  7. Low maintenance!
  8. Self-extinguishing candle!

If you would like to learn more about this votive stand please contact one of our team, who will be ready to discuss the benefits of this super system.


What is Holy Communion and why is it important?

altar bread liverpool

Holy Communion comes from the Latin 'coena domini', meaning Lord's Supper. The term Eucharist was also used in medieval times to refer to this sacrament. Other names for Holy Communion include Lord's Supper, Sacrament or Altar Bread.

The bread used during Holy Communion should be made purely from wheat flour, water and yeast, so it is unleavened bread (without any additives). The priest will bless the altar bread, and it is then normally divided into small pieces for each communicant. Gluten free altar breads are now available from many church suppliers.

In addition to the bread, wine is used as part of Holy Communion. The wine must be red grape wine, which has not been mixed with other products or substances - but it does not have to be alcoholic. Red grape wine is used because that is what Jesus had at the Last Supper.

Muscat wine is excellent for communion. Muscat wine is sweet and has a full taste, which makes it delicious to drink during communion.


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How to get the best from your Church Advent candles

There are some beautiful advent candles on the market today; not only church advent candles but candle sets that are ideal for homes as well.

With that in mind, continue reading to discover everything you need to know.


When is Advent Sunday?

Advent Sunday or First Sunday of Advent falls on the 28th of November this year. Advent represents the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas.


Advent candles meaning

The four candles represent the four weeks that make up Advent, with one candle being lit every Sunday. Three of the candles are purple because this is a liturgical colour that signifies sacrifice, penance, and prayer. The other candle, which is third in the sequence, is pink, and represents joy.

Aside from representing the four weeks that make up the Advent season, the candles also represent God’s light coming into the world via the birth of Jesus Christ.


What do the 4 candles of Advent mean?

Aside from representing the four weeks of Advent, as mentioned above, each individual candle has its own meaning as well:

  1. The first candle symbolises hope
  2. The second candle represents faith
  3. The third candle symbolises joy
  4. The fourth candle marks the final week of penance and prayer while we wait for the birth of our Saviour


Why is one candle pink and three purple?

The reason why one candle is pink and the rest are purple is to do with the symbolism of each calendar. The pink candle is a symbol of joy. The other three candles are purple, as violet is a liturgical colour, which signifies a time of sacrifice, penance, and prayer.

The pink candle in Advent plays an important role, as it represents joy or rejoicing, and it represents a shift in the season of Advent, moving away from repentance and toward celebration. This candle is known as the candle of joy or the shepherd candle.


What are the themes of the four weeks of Advent?

The themes of the four weeks of advent include Mary the Mother of Jesus, which is the Candle of Joy, God’s People, which is the Candle of Hope, John the Baptist, which is the Candle of Love, and finally, The Old Testament Prophets, which is the Candle of Hope.


What is the order of lighting the Advent candles?

The correct order for the four candles is as follows: Purple, Purple, Pink, and finally, Purple.

You should light the first candle on the first Sunday of Advent. You should then light the second candle on the following Sunday and think of your faith as you do so. Next, light the pink candle on the third Sunday to represent joy. Finally, light the last purple candle on the final Sunday of Advent, and remember the creator as you do so.


How many Advent candles are on an Advent wreath?

A lot of people will have their candles displayed in a wreath. Not only does this look beautiful but it is traditional as well. The four candles are placed in the wreath, lighting one candle every Sunday as per above.


What is the purpose of an advent wreath?

The wreath as a whole is supposed to remind us of God’s promise of everlasting life to us through Christ and the immortality of our souls. The candles also have their own significance and meaning. There are a lot of people who will also include a fifth candle, which is known as the Christ candle, which is lit on Christmas Day to remind us of the light that Jesus brings into the world.


When to display Advent candles in church

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what Advent candles represent and when each candle should be lit. But, when should you place the Advent wreath and candles in the church, and when should they be removed?

A lot of churches will have the wreath placed on the First Sunday of Advent when the first candle is lit. This will be accompanied by prayer, devotional time, and a Bible reading. However, you may decide to place the wreath in the Church in the build-up to Advent if you wish, without the candles being lit.

In terms of removing the Advent wreath, Christmas Day is usually the day of choice, with the Christ Candle remaining if churches decide to light the fifth candle. 


How to look after your advent candle

There are a number of different things that you can do to look after your candles during the advent period. For example, make sure that the candles are placed in a part of the church that is away from drafts.

If you are looking for advent candles for your home, make sure they are not placed near any fans. The room should be well-ventilated, as you don’t want there to be lots of sooting or uneven burning. You also need to make sure you choose your advent candles with care and consideration.


Other advent items to help you celebrate

Not only do you have a choice of candles that fit with the Advent theme, but there's also Christmas 24 hour votive candles. Try investing in some wreath stands and other items for your church or home. They're great ways to add colour into this festive place of worship!

Why not treat yourself to an advent candle for the home, this is a great way to countdown Christmas.

Hanging banners are another idea, especially if it isn't decorated already; adding one will make everything look more put together during the Christmas season plus these adornments come at an affordable price too.


Time to buy your advent candles

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The Ultimate Guide To Church Candles & Votive Candle Holders

Candles are an important part of the church environment. Candles have long been used as a way to show devotion to Christ. In the Old Testament, oil lamps were burned to ‘sustain a perpetual flame,’ while the New Testament says, ‘A first tent was prepared with the lamp stand, the table and the bread of the presence; this is called the Holy Place,’ in a letter from Paul to the Hebrews.

Lighting a candle at church has become a symbolic gesture, and many worshippers will light a candle during a service, as well as forming a part of other services such as Mass, or in memory of a loved one. 

As such an important part of the church, it’s important to ensure you maintain your church candles carefully. Learn everything you need to know in our ultimate guide to church candles and votive candle holders.


What is the significance of lighting a candle in church?

church candles near me

Lighting a candle in church is a way to demonstrate one’s faith. Light has an important place in Christianity, serving as a manifestation of God. It also serves as a representation of Christ, who said, “I am the true light.” Lighting a candle is an act of love and devotion, prolonging prayers, and is something that can be done at home as well as a church. 


What are church candle stands called?

candle holder

Church candle stands are known as votive stands. Votive means something that is  ‘offered or consecrated in fulfilment of a vow’. It represents the prayer that is being said for one’s self or someone else, which is why they’re also known as a ‘prayer candle.’ 


What is a votive candle holder?

Votive stands have many forms, they can be a table-top stand or standalone, and are available in different styles and sizes. Being able to choose from a selection of votive stands means you can choose the most suitable option according to the space you have, and in line with other items you might display in the church. Common colours for votive stands include black and gold, or votive stands can also be made of wood. 


What is symbolic about the votive candle station?

votive candle

In Christianity, lighting a candle signifies a prayer intention. In a church, a votive candle station or stand is a dedicated space where someone may go to pray, either privately or with others.

In many churches, there is a collection box located near the candles to help pay to replenish candles and for their maintenance. You may also want to add some additional furniture to store candles and other supplies.


How to get candle wax out of glass votive holders

Maintaining a clean votive stand can help keep the space presentable, but dealing with candle wax isn’t always easy. 

One of the simplest and quickest ways to clean glass votive holders is with hot water. The hot water can melt the excess wax and leave the glass clean once more. 


A New and Improved Votive Candle Holder

Our St Killians candle burning system can help prevent excess smoke, pooling, spills and more. They’re an eco-friendly way to burn candles, and St Killians provides cleaning solutions to ensure you don’t have to deal with dirty, wax-filled glass again. With a lifetime guarantee, they’re a fantastic investment for your church.


How St Killians Votive Stand works:


  • The three-piece glass system eliminates the need for any plastic/metal cups giving this votive holder a major environmental benefit.
  • The outer coloured glass is secured on the stand.
  • The middle glass helps as a barrier to protect the colour glass from any excess wax.
  • The candle sits in the inner part of the coloured glass.
  • The candle burns for 60-90 mins and is safe to leave.
  • Once the votive candle comes to the end of its life it falls through a hole at the bottom of the glass. It extinguishes itself on the way down, falling into a water bath to guarantee quenching.
  • The candle is made from 3 times refined paraffin and therefore does not omit any soot, smoke and protects the churches features and church furniture and church supplies from any damage

To read more about this votive holder - watch this video or read these FAQ’s


Church candles for prayers at home

As well as being able to light candles at church, it’s also possible to light candles at home while saying a prayer. You can choose from a range of church candles, including pillar and votive candles.

In addition to the candles themselves, you can also buy votive holders, extinguishers, drip mats and more to help you light and maintain candles safely.


How to take care of your church candle

To help you take care of your church candle, there are some guidelines you can follow:

  • Burn the candle on a flat, level surface, away from direct sunlight and warm environments.
  • The wick should be upright, and a new wick should be trimmed to around half an inch. 
  • Using a taper can prevent materials from dropping onto the candle, and is preferable compared to matches or other lighting materials.
  • If you’re relighting a candle, ensure that the candle is clean and that the wick is intact.
  • Do not extinguish candles by blowing on them, use a candle snuffer instead.


How to fix pillar candles from tunnelling

pillar candle tunnelling

A tunnelling candle burns through the middle, leaving a wall of wax that can spill down the side onto a stand or altar, while also causing the candle to become smokey. Making sure the wick is trimmed and upright before the first lighting can help prevent tunnelling.  

If you notice a candle is tunnelling, you can extinguish the candle and attempt to move some of the wall with a knife before the wax fully hardens. Using a thicker wick can also help aid the burning process. 

To avoid tunnelling as much as possible, candles should be burned for at least an hour. A slower burn time can create the walls, as it hasn’t had enough time to melt the outer wax. 

You might also want to consider using different candles in the summer and in the winter, when it may be draughtier. 


How to keep pillar candles from dripping

church candle dripping

A dripping candle can lead to a number of issues, including damaging furniture. To keep pillar candles from dripping, you can:

  • Keep candles away from draughts if possible.
  • Keep candles at least 10cm apart to prevent unnecessary melting caused by a neighbouring candle.
  • Place candles on a flat and stable surface.
  • Assess the wick to see if it’s too long. This can cause a larger flame that could lead to dripping.
  • You can also buy drip mats to protect surfaces if your space is draughty.


Buy Your Church Candles Today

While it’s easy to take candles for granted, they have a lot of meaning in the church, which means they need to be carefully considered. From making sure you have somewhere to display candles, to being able to maintain them and ensure they don’t cause damage, there’s a lot to think about for your church candles.

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