All Under One Roof!

All Under One Roof! - Hayes & Finch


All your church requirements are manufactured all under one roof at Hayes & Finch!


Hayes and Finch Church Suppliers | All under one roof


On our travels to our customers we often hear the phrase

"Oh I didn't know Hayes & Finch could offer me that"

and we have come to realise that most of you are not aware of our full range of products and services.

And so, we set out on creating a visual that fully envelops Hayes & Finch. A collaboration from two of our very talented staff; Barnaby, our overseas sales co-ordinator and Jessica, our in-house graphic designer, resulted in this illustration.

Hopefully you will become familiar with the variety we can offer as a company, through the emphasis of this image.

Let us know what you think, and what you were not aware we could do!


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