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Church supplies Kingston upon Thames


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Church supplies aren't just for churches. In Kingston upon Thames, a region with a thriving Christian community and some of England's most historic churches, they serve a crucial role.

Hayes and Finch stands as a beacon of excellence for church supplies in Kingston upon Thames. We provide an extensive range of products, from church furniture and candles to all essential church accessories.

We supply a variety of items, such as Holy Communion supplies, altar wines, altar breads, and communion sets. Additionally, we manufacture, sell, and repair vestments, from clergy shirts to cassocks.

Explore our selection of church furnishings and religious statues, all available online. These items are good for churches who want to meet the needs of their congregation, or for people who want to have a private space for prayer at home.

Church supplies can enhance your service by fostering an environment that's both beautiful and functional! Discover where to find them at fantastic prices, and how your church can do more with less.


Church Candles

church candles Kingston upon thames

Our church candles are of high quality and value. We make and stock the following candles for churches:

  • Beeswax candles
  • Paschal candles
  • Altar candles
  • pillar candles
  • Baptism candles
  • Advent candles
  • and candle holders.

Church candles are a sublime way to illuminate your space. Suitable for any occasion, they have a unique scent and remarkable burn times.

Commemorate loved ones who have passed by lighting a Memorial Candle in their name. Consider our votive stands, available in gold or black, and in various sizes suitable for churches of all dimensions.

Try our 9-day sanctuary candles. These devotional lights are our top sellers, thanks to their unparalleled quality and value.

Feel confident that you're purchasing top-tier products. Your church will feel whole again when you buy our affordably-priced church candles, available with speedy delivery options.


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Church Furniture

church furniture kingston upon thames

The selection of church furniture requires thoughtful consideration. Our church furniture is special, high-quality ecclesiastical furnishings for sacred spaces of all sizes, both in the UK and abroad.

We can help in designing wooden altars, lecterns, hymn boards, and hymn numbers within our bespoke range. Our customer service team will collaborate with you on your design, making sure your vision for your church becomes a reality.

Skilled craftsmen with a keen eye for detail handmade all our church furniture. From custom-made church kneelers and pedestals to church chairs, pews, and altar tables, we've got what you need.

Our personal team can help you with any questions you may have.


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Church Furnishings

church furnishings Kingston upon thames

Church furnishings have a long history. The oldest were made of stone, with designs, and used for holding wine and oil, scrolls, and other things.

Hayes & Finch makes church furnishings with brassware and wrought iron, including glassware, silverware, brassware, candlesticks, communion sets, candlesticks, thuribles, and tabernacles. These items are priceless.

Some of your church's furnishings may need repair. Our restoration team will help with your valuable church items that need repair.


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Church Vestments

church vestments Kingston upon thames

Hayes & Finch Vestments sells hand-made chasubles and other vestments. They're available in various fabrics, styles, and designs to cater to every member of the clergy seeking high-quality vestments without the hefty price tag.

Many clergy prefer the finest quality chasubles or everyday religious clothing. You need to look your best when you're officiating a High Mass, administering Holy Communion to a sick person, or overseeing a wedding.

A simple, plain chasuble won't suffice. You must stand before your congregation in the most dignified and impressive vestments that your parish can afford.

The same applies when engaging with your congregation and being seen in your parish. Wearing your best clergy shirt or religious clothing is still a priority for quality and value for money.

For repairs and restoration of your church vestments, Hayes & Finch can customise them for you. Our expert tailors can fix or replace anything about your vestments, including embroidery, lining, or other parts.

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Religious Statues & Religious Figurines

religious statues kingston upon thames

We have many different types of religious statues, like nativity sets, Stations of the Cross, and corpus figurines made out of wood, brass, silver-plated, or glass fibre.

If you're looking for something different, we also offer other religious items like rosaries and crucifixes. Most of our religious figurines are made from resin, stone, or porcelain. The resin statues resemble plastic but usually have a pearlescent finish, which is incredibly elegant.

We also offer a statue renovation service.

We provide custom orders, product development, and consultancy services. Whatever your idea, we're here to help.

Contact us for further information.

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Kingston upon Thames Church Supplies

With a history dating to 1882, we take great pride in our long-standing tradition of supplying churches with ‌church supplies. We uphold the same standards of excellence established over 130 years ago.

Our church supplies stores are located on Hanson Road in Aintree, Liverpool L9 7BP.

If you need help with church supplies in Kingston upon Thames, call our customer service team on 0845 450 5593, or 'chat' with the sales team in the bottom left corner of this screen.

If there is anything you see online and need further help with your church supplies in Kingston upon Thames, contact our helpful customer service team, who are ready to take your call on 0845 450 5593.


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FAQ’s - Church Supplies Kingston upon Thames

What are church candles called?

Church candles are also known as altar candles or votive lights, which are used in the Catholic Church for various purposes. One of the most common uses is to give light to the church during nighttime service. They are not only used in the Eucharist, but also lit when praying or singing to God.

A church candle is made from beeswax, which is a natural substance with clear, strong flames that can burn with minimal smoke and no soot.

What do the colours of vestments mean?

The colours of vestments are symbolic of the seasons, saints, feasts, liturgical seasons, virtues and status within the church. For example, the colour red is primarily associated with Pentecost or Marian feasts. White is typically worn on Palm Sunday and on Maundy Thursday before Easter. Brown is worn for Advent and Lent services.

What is church furniture called?

Churches typically have a lot of furniture needed to accommodate worshippers. One of the most common elements of church furniture are chairs or pews. Chairs and pews are helpful when it comes to events with lots of people, because there are often not enough seats for everyone.

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