Church Statue Restoration

 Church Statue Restoration Service - Hayes & Finch


Hayes & Finch are the market leaders in the restoration of statues, fountains and other ecclesiastical figures. Our experts have been repairing and restoring statues for over 100 years.

As well as supplying brand new statues, we offer a full statue renovation service; repairing and restoring ecclesiastical figures.

With this service, our restoration work experts will replicate and re-create missing parts, skilfully rebuild broken pieces, fingers and limbs. The figure will then be deep cleaned to remove grime and flaking paint.

Outdoor statues ravaged by the elements and weather can be cleaned, removing all bloom and residue. Suitable base materials can be treated with crystalline wax to prevent re-occurrence of mildew and mosses.

Experienced artists will match original colours with specialist paints, and with meticulous attention to detail, they will hand paint your statue, giving it regained presence.


Church Statue Renovation Service - Hayes & Finch


The service brings together a team of specialists, who will repair and restore your ecclesiastical figures to their former glory. If you have any religious statue that needs restoration, whether it's a statue of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, a nativity statue or any other ecclesiastical item, our conservators can help you.

If you're a parishioner who wants to help your local church preserve its 16th century cultural heritage, or a parish priest who needs to rectify the work of vandals, Hayes & Finch can help.

All work is preceded with a full written quotation. A deposit may be required.

What's your restoration project?

For a no obligation quotation for religious statue renovation work, please contact us using the form or the contact information below.

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Church Statue Restoration FAQs

How are statues repaired?

There are many ways that statues can be repaired. One common method is to use a type of plaster mixed with a bonding agent. This type of plaster is applied to the statue in thin layers, and can be moulded to fit the statue's shape.

Once it is dry, it can be painted to match the original statue. Another method is to use a resin mixed with a hardener. This type of resin can be moulded to fit the statue's shape, and it will harden quickly once it is applied.

How do you clean religious statues?

When it comes to cleaning religious statues, there are a few things that you need to consider. First of all, you need to decide what material the statue is made from. Statues can be made from various materials, including wood, marble, bronze, and resin.

Once you have determined the material, you can then start thinking about the best way to clean it. For example, if the statue is made from wood, you can clean it with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. If the statue is made from marble, you can clean it with a damp cloth and a small amount of dish soap.

If the statue is made from bronze, you can clean it with a soft cloth and mild detergent, or you can use a bronze polish. If the statue is made from resin, you can clean it with a damp cloth.

In addition to cleaning the statue itself, you should also clean the area around it. This includes the floor and the walls. You can clean the floor with a broom and a dustpan, and you can clean the walls with a wet cloth.

Cleaning a religious statue is a big job, but it is important to keep the statue clean so that it can be appreciated for years to come.

How do you restore religious statues?

When restoring religious statues, you need to be careful and precise in your work. The slightest mistake could mean the difference between a restored statue and a ruined one. Here are the steps you need to take to restore a religious statue:

1. Clean the statue. This is the first and most important step in restoring a religious statue. You need to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime from the statue. You can do this by using a brush, a cloth, or a vacuum cleaner.

2. Inspect the statue. Once the statue is clean, you need to inspect it for any damage. If the statue is damaged, you need to repair the damage before you move on to the next step.

3. Apply a coat of primer. Once the statue is clean and repaired, you need to apply a coat of primer to it. This will help the paint stick to the statue and protect it from future damage.

4. Paint the statue. Once the primer is dry, you can start painting the statue. You need to be careful in your painting and ensure that you get all the details of the statue.

5. Seal the paint. Once the paint is dry, you need to seal it. This will protect the paint from fading and damage by the weather.

6. Display the statue. Once the restoration is complete, you can display the statue in your home or in your church.

How much does it cost to restore a statue?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the cost of restoring a statue can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage, the materials used in the restoration, and the skills of the restorer. However, the cost of restoring a statue can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

One of the main factors that affects the cost of restoring a statue is the extent of the damage. If the damage is minor, such as a few scratches or a small area of missing paint, the restoration may only cost a few hundred dollars. However, if the damage is more extensive, such as extensive cracking or extensive damage to the surface, the restoration may cost thousands of dollars.

The materials used in the restoration can also affect the cost. If the statue is made of a valuable or rare material, the restoration may cost more than if the statue is made of a more common material. Similarly, the skills of the restorer can also affect the cost. A skilled restorer can often restore a statue for less than a less skilled restorer.

Ultimately, the cost of restoring a statue depends on various factors, so it is difficult to give a definitive answer. However, the cost of restoration can range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds.