Advent Candles : How to get the best from your Church Advent candles in 2023

Advent Candles : How to get the best from your Church Advent candles in 2023 - Hayes & Finch

There are some beautiful advent candles on the market today; not only church advent candles but candle sets that are ideal for homes as well.

With that in mind, continue reading to discover everything you need to know.


When is Advent Sunday?

Advent Sunday or First Sunday of Advent falls on the 3rd December this year. Advent represents the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas.


Advent candles meaning

advent candles

The four candles represent the four weeks that make up Advent, with one candle lit every Sunday. Three of the candles are purple, because this is a liturgical colour that signifies sacrifice, penance, and prayer. The other candle, which is third in the sequence, is pink, and represents joy.

Aside from representing the four weeks that make up the Advent season, the candles also represent God’s light coming into the world via the birth of Jesus Christ.


What do the 4 candles of Advent mean?

As well as representing the four weeks of Advent, as mentioned above, each individual candle has its own meaning:

  1. The first candle symbolises hope
  2. The second candle represents faith
  3. The third candle symbolises joy
  4. The fourth candle marks the final week of penance and prayer while we wait for the birth of our Saviour


Why is one candle pink and three purple?

advent candles

The reason why one candle is pink and the rest are purple is the symbolism of each calendar. The pink candle is a symbol of joy. The other three candles are purple, as violet is a liturgical colour, which signifies a time of sacrifice, penance, and prayer.

The pink candle in Advent plays an important role, as it represents joy or rejoicing, and it represents a shift in the season of Advent, moving away from repentance and toward celebration. This candle is known as the candle of joy or the shepherd candle.


What are the themes of the four weeks of Advent?

The themes of the four weeks of advent include Mary the Mother of Jesus, which is the Candle of Joy, God’s People, which is the Candle of Hope, John the Baptist, which is the Candle of Love, and finally, the Old Testament Prophets, which is the Candle of Hope.


What is the order of lighting the Advent candles?

advent candles

The correct order for the four candles is as follows: Purple, Purple, Pink, and finally, Purple.

You should light the first candle on the first Sunday of Advent. You should then light the second candle on the following Sunday, and think of your faith as you do so. Next, light the pink candle on the third Sunday to represent joy. Finally, light the last purple candle on the final Sunday of Advent, and remember the creator as you do so.


How many Advent candles are on an Advent wreath?

Many people will have their candles displayed in a wreath. Not only does this look beautiful, but it is also traditional. The four candles are placed in the wreath, lighting one candle every Sunday as per above.


What is the purpose of an advent wreath?

advent candles

The wreath as a whole is supposed to remind us of God’s promise of everlasting life to us through Christ and the immortality of our souls. The candles also have their own significance and meaning. There are many people who will also include a fifth candle, known as the Christ candle, lit on Christmas Day to remind us of the light that Jesus brings into the world.


When to display Advent candles in church

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what Advent candles represent and when each candle should be lit. But, when should you place the Advent wreath and candles in the church, and when should they be removed?

advent candles

Many churches will have the wreath placed on the First Sunday of Advent when the first candle is lit. This will be accompanied by prayer, devotional time, and a Bible reading. However, you may decide to place the wreath in the Church in the build-up to Advent if you wish, without the candles being lit.

In terms of removing the Advent wreath, Christmas Day is usually the day of choice, with the Christ Candle remaining if churches decide to light the fifth candle. 


How to look after your advent candle

There are many things that you can do to look after your candles during the Advent period. For example, make sure the candles are placed in a part of the church away from draughts.

If you are looking for advent candles for your home, make sure they are not placed near any fans. The room should be well-ventilated, as you don’t want lots of sooting or uneven burning. You also need to make sure that you choose your advent candles with care and consideration.


Other advent items to help you celebrate

Not only do you have a choice of candles that fit with the Advent theme, but there are also Christmas 24-hour votive candles. Try investing in some wreath stands and other items for your church or home. They're great ways to add colour to this festive place of worship!

advent candles
Why not treat yourself to an advent candle for the home? This is a great way to countdown Christmas.
advent candles

Hanging banners are another idea, especially if it isn't decorated already. Adding one will make everything look more put together during the Christmas season, plus these adornments come at an affordable price too. 


Time to buy your advent candles

Purchasing premium-quality advent candles can make all the difference. Take a look at the range of candles we have for sale, and we are sure you will find the best Advent candles for you.

Contact us today at Hayes & Finch for your church advent candle requests or order online.

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