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In addition to supplying brand new statues, Hayes & Finch offer a full statue renovation service; repairing and restoring ecclesiastical figures.

With this service, our experts will replicate and re-create missing parts, skilfully re-build broken pieces, fingers and limbs. The figure will then be deep cleaned to remove grime and flaking paint.

Outdoor statues that have been ravaged by the elements and weather, can be cleaned removing all bloom and residue. Suitable base materials can be treated with crystalline wax to prevent re-occurrence of mildew and mosses.

Experienced artists will match original colours with specialist paints and, with meticulous attention to detail, they will hand paint your statue giving it regained presence.


Hayes and Finch Church Suppliers | Statue Painting Renovation


The service brings together a team of specialists whom will repair and restore your ecclesiastical figures to their former glory.

Our area representatives will visit your church; take detailed information along with a series of photographs prior to work commencing.



If you wish to receive a no obligation quotation for renovation work please contact us.

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