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In addition to manufacturing new pieces, our in-house skilled silversmiths also offer a renovation service where your valuable, but time-worn, items can be restored back to their former glory.

The service includes repairing and replacing worn or missing parts, re-plating in gold or silver, polishing, lacquering and replacing cracked and missing stones, re-enamelling and resin work.

Pieces are examined, and we give advice on any wear and tear, and appropriate actions required, with preservation in mind.


furnishing renovations


All to ensure the safe keeping of your precious items for many years to come.

Hayes & Finch are also specialists in the art of brass plaque refurbishment. In addition to cleaning the plaques, we can hand paint and refill wax as required.


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If you wish to receive a no obligation quotation for renovation work please fill in the form below or contact the team using the details below.

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