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Are you looking for church furnishings?

Hayes & Finch Silversmith's Workshop is renowned for the production of finely designed, high quality church plate and additionally for the restoration and renovation of church artefacts. Our designers will work with you to create your pieces, from candlesticks to crucifix, tabernacles to vases and money boxes to votive stands, meeting your specific requirements every step of the way.

We’re here when you need us – we offer a full design service as well as an on-site workshop where our team can make any alterations or repairs that are needed. You can be confident that no matter what it is you’re looking for in terms of Church Furnishings, we have a solution available at all times.

From simple items such as Chalice Covers through to more complex projects like Altar Frontals; whether it’s a one off commission or an ongoing project we are happy to help!

See our church furnishings range below!


'May They Rest In Peace' Death Register
'May They Rest In Peace' Death Register
£ 109.00 £ 54.50
baptism register - front cover
Baptism Register
£ 129.00
church confirmation cards
Church Confirmation Cards
£ 16.00 £ 8.00
church door a4 paper notices
Church Door Notices
£ 13.00 £ 6.50
church record certificates - full range
Church Record Certificates
£ 14.00 £ 7.00 +
confirmation book - front cover
Confirmation Book
£ 101.00 £ 50.50
baptism register - standard - front cover
Death Register
£ 117.00
embossed memorial book - plain and embossed front cover
Embossed Memorial Book
£ 250.00 £ 125.00
first holy communion register - front cover
First Holy Communion Register
£ 94.00 £ 47.00
mass book - front cover
Mass Book
£ 78.00 £ 39.00
register of reception of baptised christians - front cover
Register of Reception of Baptised Christians
£ 82.00 £ 41.00
sick call book - front cover
Sick Call Book
£ 63.00 £ 31.50